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AKA Dance Studios

The Academy Code of Conduct




All students and parents are expected to follow this code of conduct at all times.

We advise you to print a copy of this out for your own reference.




All students’ bags and belongings must be hung up in the designated areas. Please refrain from leaving items around on the floor. 

Mobile phones or any other digital devices are NOT permitted in the dance studios. A basket is provided at the main desk to leave your devices, however AKA can not be responsible for any loss or damage to valuable items whilst on the premises.

Do not block any doorways and exits.

No chewing gum allowed on the premises. 

No food or drink with the exception of water to be taken into the studio area.

Please place all rubbish in the bins provided, also ensure all cups are emptied in the sink prior to placing in the bin.

Students under the age of 10 must not enter the studio without a member of staff being present.

Parents are expected to bring their child to class; once the classes have started parents are not permitted to stay in the dance studio at any time. 




We want all of our students to have an enjoyable and educational dance experience. We will treat you and your children with courtesy and respect. We expect our students to show the same attitude toward their teachers and fellow dancers. We request that your children observe the following simple rules:

Pay Attention to your teacher – Don’t talk with your friends during class! It disrupts the whole class and makes it difficult for the teacher to communicate with the students. Meet your friends before or after class for social fun.

Tutors have the responsibility to see that their class is under control, and they have the authority to dismiss any student who will not cooperate and is a disruption to the rest of the class. 

Do not pull up on or hang from the Ballet Barres. They can be pulled from the wall or you can get stuck in them. Barres are for balance and support.

Do not run around the dance studios as this is a health and safety issue. 

Please do not touch the mirrors at any time. 

Every child will be challenged in each class to compete against themselves not others.

Come prepared to dance – attire, grooming, attitude, ambition, energy! 




AKA Academy uniform rules must be adhered to at all times – failure to do so may result in non admittance to the relevant class. 

Uniform is available to purchase from the Academy. Although preferable this is not mandatory. Please note if any items are not in stock there maybe a maximum of 4 weeks wait.

Students who do not have the Academy uniform must dress in black leggings, black shorts or jogging bottoms and a plain coloured t-shirt.

Jeans skirts/dresses or any other items of clothing are not permitted. 

No jewellery, watches, or fashion items to be worn whilst dancing (small stud earrings only)

Footwear is not essential for classes (except for ballet) if students feel uncomfortable dancing bare footed please wear jazz shoes or ballet pumps. No trainers, boots or outdoor footwear is permitted in class. We do advise students to bring a second pair of footwear during the winter months.




When an unexpected absence occurs please telephone the Dance Studio on 01274 962900 or 07454945252 and leave a message.

When a pre-planned absence, for example a holiday or school's extra curriculum activity etc. occurs, please enter the details in the absence book located in the reception area (full name of pupil, reason for absence and dates).

Punctuality is extremely important. - Please be ready to start each class on time, and do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your class starts. This is in order to avoid congestion. 

If extra rehearsals or classes are called for performances, it is essential your child attends all rehearsals. Failure to do so may lead to students not being able to participate in the event. 




Any extra curriculum dance based activities must be agreed with the Academy principals prior to application.

Students enrolled at AKA Academy are exclusively trained.  – If students wish to attend other dance organisations please discuss this with the Principals. 

If there is any lack of commitment in attending classes or rehearsals, students may run the risk of struggling in lessons or not participating in shows which leads to students not training to their full potential.




Students are expected to act in a courteous manner to staff and fellow    students at all times.

Any form of bullying inside or outside the academy will NOT be tolerated. Principals must be made aware of any problems occurring. If bullying is witnessed at any time parents will be contacted and the student will be asked to leave.  

Students are expected to support, encourage and work sensibly with their fellow class mates at all times.

Any injury or pain incurred during class should be reported to the teacher immediately this can be recorded in the accident book.

If students have any kind of injury prior to participating in class, tutors and principal must be informed.




There is an enrolment fee of £20 per student, this covers administration and insurance.

New students are given a trail, pay-as-you-go period which is previously agreed with student and parent at the induction. 

Monthly invoices are paid by standing order through the bank. These must be paid by the agreed date – failure to do so will result in a 5% surcharge being added and thereafter a further 5% with each week the invoice remains outstanding.

The following discounts will apply when and single student takes 3 or more classes:

£1 discount on 3rd class

£2 Discount on 4th class and any further classes thereafter.


Sibling discount: This applies when both siblings take 2 classes or more:

50p discount on 2nd class

£1 discount or 3rd and any further classes thereafter.


Please note that class discounts do not apply when sibling reductions are in place. 


Once enrolled, any student wishing to leave the academy must give one month’s cancellation notice. If payment ceases and students do not attend for up to one month from their last payment without notification, their enrolment will automatically become null en void.  If a student wishes to re-join the Academy at any time the enrolment fee will still apply. 

All private lessons are to be paid prior to the commencement of the class. 

Pick up’s from Shibden Head will be charged at £1 per child per lesson.

All cheques should be made payable to AKA Academy. 

All payments whether cash or cheque must be submitted in an envelope with your child’s name on it. 

Re-imbursements cannot be given for missed lessons, similarly, if a period of absence occurs during term time, we are unable to deduct from the invoice regardless of notification.




The academy will endeavour to open for classes on time at all times.

The academy will inform of any early closures due to inclement weather via the website: 

www.akadancestudios.co.uk  and via Facebook: www.facebook.com/akadancestudios

Please note we will NOT notify by telephone or text. You can, however call us for updates if you do not have internet access. Please call on this number only: 07454945252

The academy retains the right to close due to adverse weather conditions, bereavement, building or staffing issues.

Classes are non refundable in cases of the academy closing due to adverse weather conditions, bereavement, building or staffing issues.





A show enrolment fee will be charged to all students wishing to participate in the summer and Christmas performances. This covers extra rehearsal time and main costumes. (Please note we may ask you to provide parts of costumes but these will be minimal.) This fee is non refundable.

Information and dates will be provided at least 2 months before the performance date. 

Students are expected to attend all rehearsals; failure to attend could result in students not participating in the performance.

Any student attending one 45 minute class per week will only be expected to appear in one number during the performance.  

Any new student who enrols mid term will not be expected to be involved in the performances. This can be discussed with the principal.

Your child will be expected to attend a dress rehearsal at a date and time to be arranged prior to the show at the venue. Please be aware that the times given are a rough guidance to how the rehearsal will run; as the rehearsal also involves the theatres technical and lighting operators please be prepared to wait for your child as we can not be responsible any possible delays. 




A student portal is available for members to access on AKA’s website. This will give all notifications and updates on events.  

Any information given to students or parents will also be published on the website for your information, as well as on the notice board in reception. 

To access the student portal please go to:


Click on Student Portal tab on the right:

Once open enter the password: and5678